Self-Care Scheduling



New client meeting at 10:00am. Conference call at 1:30. Staff meeting 3:15pm. Your daughter’s dance practice at 5:30pm.


We are so quick to make scheduled commitments to others, but why isn’t this always the same when it comes to making commitments to ourselves?


Part of the issue is that we need to begin valuing our own time as much as we value other people’s. Of course it is important to show up to that client meeting on time — but make appointments for yourself as well, and make sure that you show up to those, too.


By “appointments” we mean regularly scheduled check-ins where you can focus on something you need for yourself. Maybe it’s an alarm that reminds you to properly hydrate throughout the day. Maybe it’s a reminder to not skip lunch. Maybe between that client meeting and conference call you take the ten minutes available to yourself to go outside to get some fresh air instead of bustling about in between. Make a self-care schedule, and stick to it as best as you can, just as you would any other meeting or commitment.


The more regularly we make commitments to ourselves and make self-care a priority in our hectic lives, the more we value ourselves.


You are a professional, but you are a person as well — and for the business to thrive, you need to thrive as well. You are far more important than those four walls around you and that forever ringing phone, and the more frequently you remember that, the more you can show up for yourself and others in the healthiest way possible. So take time for yourself today!


With Gratitude,

The EMPA Team

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