Are circumstances keeping you from success? Or, are you?


success1It’s easy to think you didn’t get the job or promotion because the other person being considered was simply a better fit. When you’re not charging as much for clients as you would like to be, it’s easy to believe you’re doing what you should be to help them —  or you just feel guilty charging more. When you have a bad day, week, month, or year, it’s easy to believe that circumstances are to blame.

What if we told you that circumstances are shaped by your thoughts, beliefs, and ambition, and not the other way around?

When we hold onto self-doubt and lack confidence within ourselves, it shows up in our reality — those pesky circumstances or bad deals or bad days. When we lack accountability, life happens to us instead of us creating what we want in life. But we have a choice. We can choose to let circumstances dictate how we feel, or we can let our feelings and beliefs dictate our circumstances. 

Know your worth

The first step in shifting gears into an ownership role in your life and circumstances is knowing your worth. Know your value, and don’t let self-doubt keep you from asking for what you deserve. Determine what you want, need, and deserve, and then stick by it, even if it means losing a few clients along the way.

Don’t be a doormat

You’re not a product of your environment. You’re in the drivers seat, not a passenger along for the ride. If someone is not treating you the way you deserve to be treated, voice it and/or let go of the situation or individual who is causing you to feel like a victim of circumstance. Taking back your power is essential in sending the universe a clear message of what you want and need moving forward. 

Take responsibility

You are not what happens to you. You have a powerful position in creating what happens for you. If your day is going down the drain, change it. If you aren’t happy in a situation, fix it — whether it means leaving a current job, relationship, or adjusting your responsibilities. Implement a self-care plan in your schedule, especially for the days that become taxing and could take a turn for the worst without it. Realize your potential in creating your own circumstances — and own it.

Glass half full

Looking at a situation with negativity, or a glass half empty, will keep the glass looking half empty. Instead, encourage yourself to see the bright side in any situation — to know that it can and will get better, and believe that. If you believe the glass is half empty, that is your reality. If you believe it to be half full, it adds a lot of room for fulfillment, doesn’t it?

If you believe yourself to be a victim in a life that is out of your control, you will be just that. The road to success starts with acknowledging and believing your worth and implementing that self-awareness into every area of your life. Taking responsibility allows you to take charge — to set in motion the reality that you would like to see. And staying positive reinforces the intentions you set on a daily basis, sending energy toward getting to where you want to be. 

If you’re not where you want to be, change it. You’re powerful beyond measure. Know it. Own it. And be the creator of your dreams.


With Gratitude,

The EMPA Team

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