What’s in a Name: Leverage Your Affiliations Marketing A Membership Badge

Library of EMPA Blog Photos 12If you are a sole practitioner or an energy medicine group of practitioners, your name and reputation are among the most influential qualities of your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is likely your most effective marketing tool; nothing can be more powerful than someone we know providing us with an enthusiastic recommendation.

However, there is an additional way to leverage your relationships. Brag about it! As a service provider, you probably are a member of affiliate and professional organizations. Are you doing anything to promote your affiliation with these organizations? If not, then take action and market these relationships because in them, you have a valued ally.

One way in which to market an affiliation is through a membership badge. Professional organizations often provide a badge or membership seal for its members to post on their website and include in marketing material.

For example, if you are a member of your city’s Better Business Bureau, there are some excellent reasons as to why you should be promoting the relationship:
• It’s an opportunity to promote your BBB rating.
• Potential customers can verify your BBB Accreditation.
• You get a report listing the number of visitors that you received.
• Your company’s ethical reputation and commitment to build trust is symbolized through your BBB status.

In general, marketing an affiliation can also serve you in the following ways:
• Perceives your business as trustworthy
• Shares values important to a consumer
• Positions your business as a positive member of the community
• Creates a certain amount of authenticity and credibility for your business

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And, helpful to branding you and your business. Here are some other ways to promote affiliate membership:
• Feature on your newsletters and email messages
• Include in your online digital signature
• Highlight in digital and print brochures
• Share on social media platforms

Also, there is the power of social sharing. Especially with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visitors to your sites often share content with their digital communities which interestingly takes us back to where we started: Word-of-mouth marketing!

... and at Energy Medicine Professional Association, we practice what we preach. Members can download their EMPA membership badge through the members portal under "Marketing" in "Practitioner's Portal." Please contact us with any questions.

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